My Cone Rolling Contraption

Everyone knows that a good tool makes the job easier, and having a well-made henna cone in my hand makes my heart happy! Unfortunately, rolling henna cones didn't come easy for me. I like to use 2mm mylar, a stiffer plastic sheeting than the thin cello. This material will not allow for the cone to be rolled until the tip is closed and then snipped when ready to henna, I have to leave the tips open. I wasn't able to create the same sized opening for each cone, which meant that the first design for each new cone was an "adjustment design." I had to re-adjust the amount of pressure and drag to accommodate the larger or smaller tip. Then my friend, Chandra, brought me this weird contraption that she had found for $5 at Harbor Freight Tools, and the rest is history..... Here's a little video of how I can now easily roll cones with consistent tips!